This is a special shortcode to create testimonial carousel and place anywhere within the page. Can be placed with column too. To start with follow the steps bellow

1. Find menu “Testimonias” bellow “pages” and “comments”.
2. Add few Testimonials.
3. Open the page and place your cursor where you want the testimonials carusel to be placed.
4. Add the testimonial shortcode and you are done.

The result will be :

Pelayanannya ramah, bisa antar jemput, apabila ingin mengambil uang maupun menabung.Lestari Purwahyuni Wiraswasta,
Proses pinjaman cepat, bisa langsung cair dalam satu hari, bermanfaat untuk tambahan modal jual pulsa dan bahan untuk menjahit.Novitasari Wiraswasta,


The code will look like :

[tx_testimonial style="default"]

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